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Separatist Clashes Flare in South Yemen”, Crisis Separatists Seize Government Buildings in Aden

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Separatists in southern Yemen have seized government buildings in the city of Aden amid fierce clashes with forces of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Prime Minister Ahmed bin Dagher has accused the separatists of mounting a coup.

Aden serves as a temporary base of the Hadi government, with Houthi rebels controlling the capital Sanaa.

Fighting subsided late on Sunday evening as both sides ordered their forces to stand down.

Government forces called on Yemen’s Arab neighbours to intervene and help calm the situation.

Dozens of people are reported injured, and at least 10 people have died.

The development further complicates an already dire situation in Yemen, where millions need aid.

What’s happening in Aden?

The modern state of Yemen was formed in 1990 from the merger of South Yemen and North Yemen, and separatist desires for an independent southern state have not gone away.

The separatists have been backing the government against the Houthis, but long-simmering tensions have flared in recent weeks, with the separatists accusing the government of corruption and discrimination.

Fighting broke out on Sunday after a deadline set by the separatists for Mr Hadi to dismiss Mr Dagher and his cabinet

At least 10 people have been killed and eyewitnesses reported gunfire and explosions in several parts of the city

The southern separatists are backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is also part of the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthis.

Prime Minister Dagher called on the “decision maker” UAE to take action, warning that the clashes would advantage the Houthis.

President Hadi, who is based in Saudi Arabia, called for a ceasefire, while his government ordered loyalist troops back to their barracks.

Troops from both Saudi and the UAE – present in Aden when fighting erupted – did not intervene, reports said.


Kismaanyy: Wadangky Somaly Hak Dorithy Dilky Leh Taaly Lang Dhulshey Liky Hooghy Hatini Lidilaw, Kudamboyi Dhibaatithung

Sinit Kasty Qaaridy Wadangky Kitaaly Wadangky Afriky Somaly Weyba
Liky Arigeey Dhibaaty Horleh Gaarhaang 6 Gobol Degayang Qomiitho
Kahathalayang Afmaayky Ling Jeeysithaw Dhibaaty Eet ing Wiing

Kumit Ety Dhulky 6 Gobol Qomiithung Afky Maayky Kahathalayang Leying
Lahaky Duuly Hook Liky Qobsithy Goboleethiyo Liky Hukumy Liky Dily
Weyba Kudambooye Dhibaatithung Eet ing Nuklaayey Dhulky Qomiithung
Afmaayky Kahathalas 6 Gobol Kongfurty Somaly Degayang Ly Shal Qeebsithy

Kudambooyi Damiir Laawighy Gathithy Dhulkaas Shariif Hasinow Shal
Goyi Dhulkas Kuwely ( 6-3= KONGFUR ISGALAB SOMALY )
Weelang Damiir Laawiya Sheebithyang Masuliingty Dmirifly


Dmirifly; Adoonsy i Gumeeysy Jeelangtiyo Meel Marooyty, Hor Dereer ing Nagitheng Siyasiingtiyo i Wal Goritsho

Heer Oo Weyba Marooyani ingty Owlaat Haang Ling Sidabithy Masuliingty
Hakujeethang Siyaasiingty Dmirifly i Dogaal Dhaghimeetsho Masqantiyo
Ly Shal Gathithy Owlaat Haang Ling Haaysithy Waly Lahayeng Oo Haayeng
Dhahalky Dhulsho Lahaayeng Luku Qaathithy Lishal Qeebsithy Dhulsho i
Astaangty Alingky Dmirifly Asalky Haayty ing Bedeleng Adoonsy Fadiing

Sithy Runty eh Hooby Luku Hathaly Weyba Waqtiyaal Bathing Hajiitimasey
Siyaasiingty Qoomiidy Dmirifly i Dogaal Dhagimeetsho Hor Dereer ing Haayeng
Jingsho Tuuksishy i Hor Qobitky Adoosighy Liky Haayi Qoomiidy Dmirifly Sithy
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