Tuesday, February 20th, 2018
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No Go For Wilders’ Netherland Discrimination

Public Prosecutor Dismisses Wilders’ Netherland Discrimination Claim The public prosecution department said on Thursday that it will not proceed with a complaint made by anti-Islam campaigner Geert ...


Netherland PM Supports Minister iN Racism Populst Politician

Deputy Prime Minister Kasja Ollongren did not cross a line in her statements about new nationalist party FvD, Prime Minister Mark ...

Mogadishu College Graduate Proves His ‘Disability iS Not An iNability

Mogadishu has suffered more than two decades of war, and many of its young people were born and raised alongside violence ...

Separatist Clashes Flare in South Yemen”, Crisis Separatists Seize Government Buildings in Aden

Separatists in southern Yemen have seized government buildings in the city of Aden amid fierce clashes with forces of President Abdrabbuh ...

Keating: Despite Turbulent Politics Tangible Progress Has Been Made

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Special Representative of UN Secretary-General to Somalia, Michael Keating addressed the security council on Wednesday, highlighting Somalia's ...

Turkish Jets Strike Kurds in North Syria

Syria: Turkey war planes launch strikes on Afrin Urkish war planes have launched air strikes on Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria in a ...

Netherland: Moque Presses Charges Against Anti-islam Pvv Leader in Utrecht

The Ulu mosque in Utrecht pressed charges against Henk van Deun, leader of the Utrecht faction of anti-Islam party PVV, on ...

Netherland Police investigate 23 Shooting incidents

Netherland police were involved in 23 shooting incidents Last Year  four deadly Netherland police shot dead four people in a total of ...

Open Lamu Lchools Teachers Lying About Al-Shabaab Elders

The marginalised Boni community in terror-prone Basuba has accused teachers of using "non-existent" insecurity to turn down jobs. The five Boni villages ...

London: Storm Cuts Power And Disrupts UK Roads

Storm Eleanor Power cuts and road disruption reported Thousands of homes are without power and road travel has been disrupted as Storm ...

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Baroy: Bilaawky Harfo Elifmaayky Wethithang Misawary Harafkasty Kiing Tilmamayang (B . P. T. J . JH) Shibly

February 1, 2018
Harfo Shiblighy Bilaaw ilaa Dhamaat Wethithnag Misawary Kiing Tilmaamayang Wethithang (B . P. T. J . JH) Hoos ky ...

Baroy: English i Afmaay Lisky Turjumy, Ky Barithas Qeeby Kumit eh Sithy Afmaayky ingky Hathaly Lahaayty Amy inggiriisky

January 23, 2018
Weyba Sy Sehling ing Barithikorte Walyaaly Kumit eh Amaayky Oo Liky Turjumy Afky inggiriisky, Weyba Saabsingta Barishithy Qeeby Kumit eh ...

Ky Baroy Afmaayky Abtugaalshey Agal Dhagimeetky i Astaangty Alingky Qoomiidy Dmirifly

December 30, 2017
Weyba Meelung Lahaky Bangdhikey Sithy Athy ingky Barithy Lahayty Abtugaalky Elefmaayky Dhawaakshey Kumit eh Aghal Dhagimetky i Astaangty Alingky Qoomiidy ...

Elefmaayky Baroy: Harfo Goonighy ing eh, Sy Futheet Ky Baroy Abtugaal i Akriisby, ( ,GH, ,TH, ,P, ,JH,Z, ) Misawary Wethithang

December 18, 2017
Sithy Futheet Athy Ky Barithy Korty Harfo Alif Beetithy Afmaay Haang Goonighy ing eh Kubaroy Hoos Misaware Yaalang Harfo ...

Elefmayky; Su’aal ?: Sheek Shagal ing Yaalky Elefmaayky ( Ashar Ha Qaathiteng Taariqthy Mady Haayty 11 December 2014, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, Haty Madokaly Su’aaly Reet Lahaang Naghy 12 December 2017

December 12, 2017
Asharkung Weybuwa Ashar Hor Haang Qaathiteng Taariqthy Mady Haayty 11 December 2014, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, Haty Madokaly Su'aaly ...

Afmaayky Baroy Leh Video Audio Abtugalky Qaabky ing Etheeksithas Harfo Goonighy ing eh Elef Beetithy Maayky

November 27, 2017
Baroy Harfo Goonighy ing eh Afmaayky Elef Beetithis Leh Dheegow i Aregowby Qaabky ingky futhut Athy Ky Barithikorty Abtugaalky ...

Elefmaayky: Sy Futheet Ky Baroy Alif Beetithis Oo Wethithy , Video i Misawary

November 1, 2017
Barishithy Harfo Afmaayky Reet Haang Nagaase Madokaly Warbahingty Afmaayky Abtugaas Shal eh Biyooley.com iSgoroy.com Kulmiyow.com Sy ing Baritang Abtugaalky Afmaayky, ...



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