Friday, April 28th, 2017
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Arrests As Newcastle And West Ham Raided in £5m Tax Probe

Newcastle United and West Ham United's grounds have been raided in a fraud investigation. It is understood Newcastle's managing director Lee Charnley was among "several men within ...


Netherland Police Often Let ,Small-Time, Fugitives Be: Report

The Dutch police don't do enough to find "small-time" fugitive criminals, according to a study commissioned by Police and Science. Fugitives ...

North Korea Postpones Nuclear Showdown With US

A submarine-launched ballistic missile is displayed in Kim Il Sung Square during a military parade on Saturday, April 15, 2017, in ...

Stockholm Attack, Suspect Device in Sweden Crash Lorry

Swedish police have confirmed they discovered a suspect device inside the lorry which was driven into a Stockholm department store on Friday The ...

Nederlands Turken: Some 250,000 Expected To Vote in Turkish Referendum ( Open Today For Nederlands-Turks To Vote )

Polling stations in the Netherlands open today for Dutch-Turks to vote in a Turkish referendum that, if successful, would give Turkish ...

Anti iSlam Banners Hung At Weesp Mosque Construction Site

On Monday morning construction workers found anti-Islam banners hung at the construction site for a mosque on M. Nijhoffstraat in Weesp. The ...

Former Alexandria Deputy Police Chief Says He Was Detained At JFK Airport Because Of His Name

A former Alexandria deputy police chief says he was detained at John F. Kennedy International Airport and held for 90 minutes ...

Netherland King Wants More Say in Next Cabinet, MP Leader ,No,

Lower house of parliament president Khadija Arib refused to cooperate in the wish of two of King Willem-Alexander's influential advisors to ...

U.S. President: Donald Trump Signs New Travel Ban Order ,Bans Nationals And Citizens From,

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a new executive order Monday, barring travelers from six countries to the United States for three ...

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo inaugurated As Somalia’s 9th President

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, - the underdog in what was Somalia’s most hotly contested political campaign – has been inaugurated as Somalia’s ...

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Afmaay: Sedy Su’aal ?, Sheekiyaalsho Hor Haang Qaathiteng, isky Tijaaby Hoo Athy Kujiwaaby Korty

March 30, 2017
Weyaba Meelung Hoos Ka Abtugini Misawarky Korshey 3 Su'aal Hor Asharsho Haang Qaathiteng Sediithung Su'aal Oo Shal eh Sithy ...

Elef Maayky Sy Sehling Kibaroy Harfo Goonighy ing eh Abtugaalsho i Akriissho (P, JH, GH, NG, Y’, NY, Z,)

March 3, 2017
Sithy Haty Harfoogung Elef Maayky Lahaang Futhuthaayi Misawary Lahaang Weely Sithy Athy Sy Sehling ingky Barithy Lahaayty Harfo Goonighy ...

Baydhowy Audio: Afmaayky Luqidis Sithy Ling Hormariilahayi inisky Kooyeng Masuliingty Jaama’ady Konfurty Somaly Gobolky Bay i Harqaang

February 19, 2017
Kulung Eet ing Bileering inisky Kooyeng Walgoroi Hakujeethang Kongfurty Somaly Gaarhaang Dekmithy Baydhowy Kulungkung Oo Haayi Taageery Liky Hormariyaayi ...

Ky Baroy Afmaayky Agal Dhagimeetky i Astaangty Alingky Leying Qomiidy Dmirifly 6 Gobol SwS

October 9, 2016
Harfo Elef Maayky Sithy ing Abtugingying Qaabkasty Athy Afmaayky ingky Hathalaas ing Abtughy Maayang Dhawaaghy Afky Haky Bahaw Qaabya Shal ...

Baroy: Dhawaaghy Etky Afmaayky 25 Abtugaal eh, Saabsing Sithy ingky Hathaly Lahayty Afmaay Sah eh

September 1, 2016
Dhawagethung Etky Afmaayky Ka Abtugung Weyba Sitoos eh ing Shegayani Luuqidy Afmaayky Oo Sah eh Ka Abtugung Sheey Bathing ...

Muqdishy: Buukyaal Afmaay eh Arawithy Muqdishy Haky Bangdhikeng Wal Goritky Jaama’atho Kongfurty Hakujethang Dmirifly

August 19, 2016
Wal Goritky Jaama'atho Kongfurty Somaly Gaarhaang Gobolky Baydhowy ing Bathing, Haky Bangdhikeng Arawithy Buugite Muqdishy Kitaaly Kudereery Bangdhighy Abtugaale Wadangky ...

Baroy Elefmaayky Harfo Goonighy ing eh { NY } Ky Baroy Sy Sehling Usy Oo Wethithy Misawary Dhegowby Amy Audio

July 26, 2016
Baroy Elefmaayky Harfo Goonighy ing eh { NY } Ky Baroy Sy Sehling Usy Oo Wethithy Misawary Dhegowby ...



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