Friday, August 18th, 2017
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US Praises Somalia’s Approach To Al-Shabaab Defections

The United States government has said it commends Somalia and supports its approach in facilitating the defection of high-level Al-Shabaab members. In a Press Statement, released on ...


US, Somalia Forces Raid Al-Shabab kill Several

United States and Somali military forces raided a rebel-held village in southern Somalia and killed several al-Shabab fighters early Thursday, a ...

Human Trafficking Suspect Transferred To Somalia After Arrest in South Sudan

An suspected top human trafficker who was arrested in South Sudan has been handed over to Somalia for prosecution, according to ...

U.S. Carries Out Drone Strike Against Shabab Militants in Somalia

The United States military said on Monday that it had carried out a drone strike in Somalia against the Shabab, the ...

Fewer Complaints About Discrimination Made To Police Last Year

The number of reports about discrimination made to the Dutch Police fell by around one fifth last year, isgoroy reported on Wednesday. In ...

Somali Survivors Tell Of Bloody Restaurant Siege By Rebels

Somali survivors early Thursday described harrowing scenes of the night-long siege of a popular Mogadishu restaurant by al-Shabab Islamic extremists that ...

The U.N. Asked For Billions To Avert Four Hunger Crises. The Money Didn’t Arrive

At the beginning of this year, the United Nations made one of its boldest requests ever for funding. It needed billions ...

Nederlander: Accsed Of Planning Terrorist Attack iN London

Dutch man Aweys F. is in custody in London on suspicion of planning for a terrorist attack in the city. The ...

OIC Launches Iftar Program in Somalia Targeting Over 1 Million People

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of Somalia, Dr. Mayam Qasim, launched on Friday 26 May 2017, in the ...

US and Saudi Arabia Sign Arms Deals Worth Almost $110bn

The US and Saudi Arabia signed arms deals worth almost $110bn on Saturday, the first day of President Donald Trump's visit ...

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Baroy Elef Maayky Video: Buughy Harfo Afmaayky, Dukumingtighy Liky Suuby 1935 – 1940 – Kuhorby iLaa Haty Lirooghy

May 31, 2017
Meelung Weyba Lingky Futhuthayeey Datky Abtugang i Kahathalng Afmaayky Sithy iyoo Sy Futheet ingky Barithy Lahaayeng Abtugaalky Harfo Elef ...

Baroy Alif Maayky i Alifky Qurangky Sithy inis Leyi Dhawaksho, Hata Liky Abtughy Kory Qurangky Afmaay

April 30, 2017
Weyba Sy Toos eh Eet inis Leyiini Alifky Quraangky Bilawshey i Kang Alif maayky Harfy Bathing Afmaayky Kumit eh ...

Afmaay: Sedy Su’aal ?, Sheekiyaalsho Hor Haang Qaathiteng, isky Tijaaby Hoo Athy Kujiwaaby Korty

March 30, 2017
Weyaba Meelung Hoos Ka Abtugini Misawarky Korshey 3 Su'aal Hor Asharsho Haang Qaathiteng Sediithung Su'aal Oo Shal eh Sithy ...

Elef Maayky Sy Sehling Kibaroy Harfo Goonighy ing eh Abtugaalsho i Akriissho (P, JH, GH, NG, Y’, NY, Z,)

March 3, 2017
Sithy Haty Harfoogung Elef Maayky Lahaang Futhuthaayi Misawary Lahaang Weely Sithy Athy Sy Sehling ingky Barithy Lahaayty Harfo Goonighy ...

Baydhowy Audio: Afmaayky Luqidis Sithy Ling Hormariilahayi inisky Kooyeng Masuliingty Jaama’ady Konfurty Somaly Gobolky Bay i Harqaang

February 19, 2017
Kulung Eet ing Bileering inisky Kooyeng Walgoroi Hakujeethang Kongfurty Somaly Gaarhaang Dekmithy Baydhowy Kulungkung Oo Haayi Taageery Liky Hormariyaayi ...

Ky Baroy Afmaayky Agal Dhagimeetky i Astaangty Alingky Leying Qomiidy Dmirifly 6 Gobol SwS

October 9, 2016
Harfo Elef Maayky Sithy ing Abtugingying Qaabkasty Athy Afmaayky ingky Hathalaas ing Abtughy Maayang Dhawaaghy Afky Haky Bahaw Qaabya Shal ...

Baroy: Dhawaaghy Etky Afmaayky 25 Abtugaal eh, Saabsing Sithy ingky Hathaly Lahayty Afmaay Sah eh

September 1, 2016
Dhawagethung Etky Afmaayky Ka Abtugung Weyba Sitoos eh ing Shegayani Luuqidy Afmaayky Oo Sah eh Ka Abtugung Sheey Bathing ...



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