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Somalia Once Again To Host iNternational Soccer Matches

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The Somali Football Federation (SFF) has announced plans to host international games beginning next year because of improving security, the head of the body has announced.

President of the SFF, Abdiqani Said Arab, says the time has come for Somalia to organize home games in the country’s soccer stadiums in 2018.

“Due to the betterment of the security situation in Somalia we have decided to stage our home games at home,” Arab said in a statement
The Somali people have the right to watch their national team play at home and we have to make that happen now that the country is going ahead

Arab said his federation will first invite East African soccer national teams to play friendly matches with the Somali national team.

He said staging friendly matches will be followed by hosting regional soccer tournaments, such as the CECAFA (Council for East African and Central Africa Football). SFF has not released the dates and fixtures of international matches to be played at home for next year.

Somalia hosted its last international match in Mogadishu in 1988. Following the collapse of the state in 1991, the Somalia national soccer team was forced to play its home games abroad in a neutral country, mainly in the region, like Djibouti and Ethiopia, denying it the all-important home advantage that other teams enjoy against opponents.

The Confederation of African Football chief Ahmad Ahmad approved Somalia’s plan to host international soccer games when he visited Mogadishu in April

Somalia soccer has made steady development over the years despite the country’s difficulties.

In April 2012, a suicide bomber killed both the head of the Somali Olympic Committee, Aden Yabarow Wiish, and the president of Somali Football Federation, Said Mohamed Nur. But in December that same year, the SFF completed installing an artificial turf at Mogadishu stadium. Two years later in December 2015, the soccer body had showed the first-ever live stream of a football game on TV.

And in August this year, it was a bright night for Mogadishu as the first soccer game was played at night in more than 30 years

Elefmaayky Baroy: Harfo Goonighy ing eh, Sy Futheet Ky Baroy Abtugaal i Akriisby, ( ,GH, ,TH, ,P, ,JH,Z, ) Misawary Wethithang

Sithy Futheet Athy Ky Barithy Korty Harfo Alif Beetithy Afmaay Haang
Goonighy ing eh Kubaroy Hoos Misaware Yaalang Harfo Gaarky ing eh
Elifmaayky, Harfo Haang Mithibky Agaarky Leh Fiiry (,GH, ,TH, ,P,NY ,JH,Z,)


Elefmayky; Su’aal ?: Sheek Shagal ing Yaalky Elefmaayky ( Ashar Ha Qaathiteng Taariqthy Mady Haayty 11 December 2014, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, Haty Madokaly Su’aaly Reet Lahaang Naghy 12 December 2017

Asharkung Weybuwa Ashar Hor Haang Qaathiteng Taariqthy Mady Haayty
11 December 2014, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, Haty Madokaly Su’aaly Reet
Lahaang Naghy 12 December 2017 Madokaly Kujiwaab Weyba kumit Eta
Barishithy Harfo Elefmaayky i Abtugaalshey, Weybani Ly Diyaariyey
Asharkung Su’aalis 19 Febaruari 2000 Weyba Haku Wereektey 17 Sini
Haty Liky Rooghy Taariqthy Ety 12 December 2017

Sy Fayling ing Akriya Asharky, Misawarky Hoos Weyba Dhiiby Korte
Jiwaab Sah eh Weyba Ka Abtughy Korte Su’aalung Jiwaabtiye
Saabsing eh Shagal ing Yaalky (Y) Harafky Elefmaayky Misawarky
Hoostis Lamaathy Riighy Kitaaly oo eh sithy Jiwaabty Ka Abtuk Tang

B____________________     DH_____________________


Baydhowy: Naghity Dhul Mahatiry Hukumayang Guut Haang 6 Gobol Dmirifly Liky Arigaw Astaangty Mahatiry

Sithy Hagiigithy Hooby Liky Hathaly Runi Lisheeghy Lingky Gebini
Qoomiithy Hakujeethang Dmirifly Masuliintiyo i Shy’ibsho iyooley is
Dhaging Guuriyeng Weyba Kumit eh Hooby Liky Hathaly Dhaging Guuriskaas


1) Dmirifly Kutabeng Afsho Maayky ing Dhalitheng Kahathalowshey i
Abtugaalshey Damiirlaang ing Qaathitheng Af Mahatirighy Liky
Gumeesithy 14 sini Bes Bilaawithy 1974

2) Dmirifly Melkast Weyba Ka Abugeeni Afky Mahatirighy Lahaky
Gumeesithy Kutabeng Afky Maayky ing dhalitheng Abtugaalshey
Booridhe Tukaamethiyo Ka Abtugeng Afmahatiry Damiirlaang ing
Jeeyty Qoomiithung Hakujeethang Dmirifly

3) Dmirifly Gobolethy ing Dhalitheng Haayeng 6 Gobol ing Shal
Qeebiyeng Somalithy Hakujeethang Mahatiry Siyeng 3 Gobo
Sy Damiirlaang eh ing Reebitheng 3 Gobol Hatiby Lila Haaysithy

4) Dmirifly Bedeleng Astaangty Asalky Haayty Alingky Dmirifly
Damiirlaang ing Qaathitheng Astaangty Gumesighy Maharighy
Haang Suuby Asalky Dmirifly Liky Tirtiraayi Liky Jah weriyaayi

Haliisky Dhibaatithu Haaysity Qoomiithy Dmirifly Weya Nagithase
Reet Lahaang Naghy 6 Gobol Ling Doothy Doot Sheleethiye Hata Wal
Muku Taraas Harby ing Baahingty, ingty Moqingying Waly Athy Lety..
Dhiibty Haang Kiing Hereng Wiliga Likiily Haaysithe Malkoo Heraw


Afmaayky Baroy Leh Video Audio Abtugalky Qaabky ing Etheeksithas Harfo Goonighy ing eh Elef Beetithy Maayky

Baroy Harfo Goonighy ing eh Afmaayky Elef Beetithis Leh Dheegow i Aregowby Qaabky ingky futhut Athy Ky Barithikorty Abtugaalky Afmaayky Sithy Ling Abtugaw Video Hoos yaaly Kufiirsoy


Muqdishy: Waziirky Gaashangdhighy Usubing Mimat Mursal Sheeq, Demeero ing Hogaangsing Somaly Mahatiry

Reyzal Wazaarighy Dowlithy Federaalky Somaly Hasing Aly Qeyry Oo
Usy Hakujeethy Qoomiithy Somaly Mahatiry Gaarhaang Hawy Usy
Waziir Usuning ing Maghy Dhowy Mimat Mursal Sheeq Kuwaaly Waziirky
Gaashang Dhighy Demooro ing Hogaangsing Somaly mahatory Kumit eyi


Baraawy: Maamul Usubing ing Dhisoyty Dowlithy Federaalky Somaly Guuriyooyty Mamulkishe Baydhowy

Waziiry Kumit eh Dowlithy Federaalky Somaly usy Hor Dereer ing eh
Reyzalwazaary Hasing Aly Qeyry i Wefdishey Booqishy ing Seetheng
Dekimithy Baraawy Meely Bathing Kormeer ingky Seetheng Kumit eh

Masuliingty Kumit eh Hogaangky Dowlithy Federaalky Somaly ing Bathing
Beelo Hawy Weyba isly Goritheni ingty Meelo Kongfurty Somly Kumit eh
Kiyaalang Batho leh Sy Dekit ingky Dhisang Dhagaalo Dowlithy Federaalky
Somaly Kor Lingky Qaathy Haky Galy Degangkas Baraawy sy ingky
Faa’theysithang Dhagaaly i Dhul Haangby ing Dhahalang Beelo Hawy i
Daarotby Mathiithy Ke eh Dowlithy Federaalky Somaly


Sehel Maaling iisy: Taariqthy Usy Amuuthy Ke Eeding ( 9-11-2017 ) ( 9-11-2013 )

Taarinqthy Usy Dhalithy Abwaang Sahal Maaling iisy 1-1-1957
illaahey ing Nahariisithy Weyba Ka Amuuthey Taariqthy Mady Haayty
9-11-2013 Weybani Ka Amuuthey London Geeghy Ke Eeding Taariqthy Usy
Amuuthy Abwaang Sahal Maaling iisy Geeghy 9-11-2017


Meelung Weyba Lahasiingky Bangdhikey Umuty Kahathalas Afmaayky i
Gaarhaang Haang ing Dhalitheng, Sy Futheet Ky Baritang Abtugaalky
Harfo Elefmaayky Oo Ky Koobing ( 25, Harfoot Shiply eh i
6, Harfoot Shaghal eh ) Waly Kaly Dheerat eh Kubaroy Hoos Video



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